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Tom & Mimi Sidwell
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Tucumcari, NM 88401

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Buy your healthy. lean, and delicious grass feed beef - young, lean beef that is dry-aged for a full 3 weeks - directly from our ranch, starting at only $7.90 a pound. 

The difference - where most grass-fed steers are brought to two years or more of age, we harvest our beef at a year to a year and a half. This results in leaner meat with lower fat content, wonderful flavor and tenderness. In addition, our custom processor dry ages the meat for 21 days for optimum tenderness and flavor. Dry-aged meat is difficult to find and expensive because it is very costly to the producer due to shrinkage of the carcass opposed to non-dry aged meat which is cut right away.

The health benefits of lean grass-fed beef to you and your family are numerous -  studies have shown that lean grass-fed beef is low in cholesterol, fat and calories, and rich in vitamin E and C, beta-carotene and Omega 3. In fact, a recent study by Penn. State University found that a daily dose of lean beef is good for the heart and helps decrease the LDL cholesterol in the blood. read more .  The reason our lean grass-fed is not dry or tough is because we harvest them at a younger age.  See what our customers have to say! 

Our promise to you -  JX Ranch Natural Beef comes with our guarantee that it is hormone-free and has never been given any antibiotics, steroids, ionophores, GMO's, insecticides, pesticides, animal by-products or chemicals of any kind. Our cattle are raised free-range on our native pastures on our ranch and have never been confined in a feed-lot. We practice low-stress humane animal handling combined with holistic range management practices. 

What you can buy - Retail Cuts / Beef Packs year-round, and Custom Cut Beef in the fall

Fall Custom Orders - 
Whole, side or quarter beef - Free Delivery to Alamogordo, Edgewood, Santa Fe and Las Vegas, NM

For great savings and to fill your freezer with healthy lean beef available to you, order your whole, side or quarter of a beef.  Your cow will be transported straight from the pasture to the processor by us. Our prices are for the meat you receive, (not by carcass weight or live weight which can be confusing and misunderstood) and include everything; livestock inspection fees, transportation to the processor, butchering, 21 days dry-aging, custom cutting and portion-sized packaging as per your Order Form.  Many of our customers get together with friends and neighbors to share a beef. Prices, all inclusive, are $8.50/lb for a quarter beef order, $8.25/lb for a side (half beef ) order and $8 for a whole beef order, even if you split it with someone else. Read more here. Our next custom butcher
will be in the fall with Free Deliveries - we tend to be sold out by mid to late summer. Go here to order your custom beef.

Small Beef Packs
USDA Inspected grass-fed beef that we can ship to you anytime. Choose from our Grill Pack, Extra Lean Hamburger Packs, Variety Pack or Family Packs, (see right). We can also customize a beef pack for you in any quantity you prefer. 

If you live in the Clovis, Portales or Tucumcari areas, let me know and I will bring your Beef Pack when I go - no delivery charge. 

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how wonderful your meat is.   I ran out of meat while you were sold out, so I bought some grass fed beef from another grower.  The taste and tenderness just weren’t there.  There was no comparison to your beef.  I got the grill pack last week from you (my usual) and I cooked a Rib-Eye Steak last night on the stove, (too much snow on the grill) and it was actually extremely tasty and tender.  I figured it would be okay cooked in the house, but was very surprised at how good it was.  Everything from hamburger to steaks, yours is simply the best.  Thank you for doing what you do.  Customers forever…… Kyle & Robin, Clovis NM

Thank you for your wonderful customer service and the delicious beef.  I bought some from a place in Colorado last year and the beef was very tough and had a "gamy" taste to it.  Not so with your beef.  It is very tender and has a great flavor.  You definitely have a repeat customer in me!  I will certainly be talking to you again later this year when we place our repeat order. 
B. Copithorne, Albuquerque
, NM 

"After watching the documentary "Food, Inc." I stopped buying mega farm beef in all forms. I honestly thought that the cost of local, natural, grass fed beef was going to be too prohibitive to keep beef in our diet. A few weeks later I saw an ad in New Mexico Magazine for JX Ranch and visited their web site. The cost is not prohibitive at all and is in fact an excellent deal for such quality beef. After our first budget variety pack arrived I knew we'd be customers for life. As if the ranching practices weren't enough to convince me they are a smart choice, what really sold me was the taste and even the smell while cooking. I grew up in south America where any beef we ate came fresh from the butcher down the street. When we moved back to the U.S. in the 90s, we ate "mega-farm" beef because that's what was readily available in Michigan, Texas and Alabama where we lived. I started to forget what quality beef tasted like until now. I am so excited to be reminded of that familiar aroma and to now be able to provide my family with the same. Thank you for all your hard work, Tom & Mimi!"
L. Wright, NM

What's important to me is ensuring my son eats a natural diet. Free of foods containing chemicals, antibiotics, pesticides and other harmful elements. He is only two and probably doesn't know a cow from a horse but your beef is an investment in his future. One that will hopefully be long and healthy."  
R. Kelley, Santa Fe, NM




With free delivery to meeting-points throughout New Mexico this fall. 

JX Ranch yearlings in spring flowers 


Try one of our smaller
Beef Packs
shipped to your door-step
within a week!


JX Ranch Longhorn Cattle


I have had the opportunity to order different cuts of meat from JX Ranch over the past several months. A couple of months ago i decided to try meat from another ranch that delivers to the local area. I only ordered beef from there once because that taste, texture and tenderness of the meat at JX Ranch Natural Beef is far superior and is worth the extra money. I highly recommend them for your natural, grass fed beef needs. I for one will not be ordering from anyone else in the future.
Beth H. Clovis, NM

Please put me down for another half beef this year. I can't tell you how much we are enjoying the beef from last fall. It just tastes so good and is so tender. I can't imagine ever going back to the supermarket again. S. Martin, Santa Fe, NM

I just wanted to let you know that my wife and I have been eating grass-fed beef for two years now, and what we got from you this past weekend is the best we have tasted by far. P. Waller, Alamogordo, NM


I want to let you know how much we love your beef!  My husband thought I was crazy to drive all the way to Tucumcari just to buy meat.  Once we started cooking with it he knew why. The hamburger is unmatched in taste from anything I have found since arriving in New Mexico. The tenderloin is probably the best I have ever tasted. I like to eat a good cut of meat prepared medium rare to rare and that is exactly what I did with the first of the steaks I tried. Excellent! I’ll be back for sure.
Thank you.
L. Hester, Clovis, NM

JX Ranch Grassfed T-Bone Steaks on the grill.jpg

I have had the chance to taste several meat cuts from the variety pack and I am delighted with all of them.  The taste is so much better than what is available commercially through grocery stores, and even what I've tried from the more "natural" stores.  I was amazed at how dense and lean it is!  Each cut is top quality! The variety pack seems like a good quantity for me at this time, so I am definitely going to be a regular monthly customer. I am so happy to have found your website. Thank you and keep up the good work! 
L. Gora, Los Ranchos, NM

JX Ranch Natural Beef -content cows in pasture

Problem: My favorite food in the world is steak (no joke) - I LOVE an extremely marbled, cornfed ribeye. Unfortunately, cornfed beef has been linked to all kinds of maladies, most notably heart disease, which is the #1 cause of death for men and women in the United States (moral: beware the meat counter at your local grocery store).
Solution: Well I've been trying to like grass-fed beef for over 7 years now and until now, I just wasn't sold. I've tried lots of different grass-fed beef from lots of different farms and I always have the same issue: while the flavor is great, the steaks (NY strip, Ribeye, etc.) are always too tough regardless of how they are cooked. So when I moved to El Paso a year ago to start medical school I decided to take a chance on Tom and Mimi's beef. I bought 1/4 beef, but then it just sat in my freezer for over six months. I've guess since I've been burned by grass-fed beef so many times and I was honestly too scared of being disappointed again. Anyway, I tried it today and I'm in total shock - the ribeye I made was one of the best (maybe the best?) steak I've EVER had. I've worked at a well known steak house for years that prided themselves in their dry aging process and am a self-certified food snob and as such am well acquainted with some of the best steak available for consumption. It had all the flavor I was expecting from grass fed beef - but it was also melt in your mouth tender (due to the dry aging process). Not having all the fat was odd - for about a nanosecond! Even my husband, who in some ways is a tougher critic than I am (he isn't the least bit romanced by the health aspects of grass fed beef and always wants to know why we can't just get all of our meat from Sam's Club) was extremely impressed (his eyes got really wide and was like "this steak is good!!!"). So try it even if you are a nervous steak eater - You won't be disappointed!!!  
A. Seegers, Albuquerque, NM

 - THEY SHIP!  -
$35 Flat Rate in New Mexico and surrounding States. 
Additional shipping charge may apply elsewhere


Ask about our Military Discount!

Please note: If you live in the Clovis, Portales or Tucumcari, NM, areas, to receive Free Delivery send us an email instead of ordering below, let us know what you would like for us to bring, and pay when we deliver. 
In Clovis, ask for JX Ranch beef at
 Paradise Market and Makin' It Natural 

All cuts are dry-aged 3 weeks!

Please note: due to the varying sizes of beef harvested, the beef pack prices will at times change to reflect the sizes of the various cuts they contain.

Smokin' B.B.Q. Pack  $146

-  4 pkgs. Kabob meat, cubed, 1 lb pkgs
-  1 pkgs. Short-Ribs 
-  1 pkg Back Ribs
- 10 lb Extra-Lean Hamburger Meat 1 lb pkgs

We have Briskets in varying sizes, contact us to add to pack.

Steaks 'n Burger Party Pack   $194
-   2  Tenderloin Steaks
-   2  Rib-Eye Steaks 
-   2  NY Strip Steaks
-   2  Top Sirloin Steaks
-   1  lb. Kabob Meat 
- 10 lb Extra-Lean Hamburger Meat 
1 lb pkgs

Grillers' Pack  $141

-  1 Tenderloin Steak
-  1 Rib-Eye Steak
-  1 NY Strip Steak
-  1 Top Sirloin Steak
-  1 lb. Kabob Meat 
- 10 lb Extra-Lean Hamburger Meat 
1 lb pkgs

Cow Camp Cuisine    $189

-  2 Roasts 

-  2 lb. Stew Meat, cubed 1 lb. pkgs
-  6 Cube Steaks 
-  2 lb. Kabob Meat, cubed  
1 lb. pkgs
- 10 lb. Extra-Lean Hamburger Meat, 
1 lb pkgs

Includes  Quick ‘n Easy  Recipes for your
heart-warming family meals!




Southern Comfort Dinner Pack  $157
-  6 Cube Steaks  2/pkg
-  1 pkg. Short-Ribs
-  2 pkgs Stew Meat
-  2 lb. Kabob Meat 1 lb. pkgs
-  10 lb. Extra-Lean Hamburger Meat, 
1 lb pkgs
With mouth-watering recipes y’all !

Variety Sample Pack   $199
-  1 Rib-Eye Steak 
-  1 Top Sirloin Steak
-  1 Tenderloin Steak
-  1 N.Y. Strip Steak
-  1 Roast 

-  1 lb Stew Meat, cubed  

-  1 lb Kabob Meat, cubed

-  1 pkg Short-Ribs
-  2 Cube Steaks  

- 10 lb. Extra-Lean Hamburger Meat 1 lb pkgs


Family Budget Pack   $156
-  1 Roast 
-  4 Cube Steaks
-  2 lb. Stew Meat, cubed
-  2 lb. Kabob Meat, cubed
- 10 lb Extra-Lean Hamburger Meat 
1 lb pkgs

10 lb Hamburger Pack  $79
- 10 pkgs. Lean Hamburger Meat, 1 lb pkgs

20 lb Hamburger Pack  $158
- 20 pkgs. Lean Hamburger Meat, 1 lb pkgs

30 lb Hamburger Pack  $237
- 30 pkgs. Lean Hamburger Meat, 1 lb pkgs
With Free Hamburger Press !

 Contact us for a Customized Beef Pack.

Shipping within New Mexico: UPS Ground will deliver the following day to most locations within NM, the far corners within two days. Shipping cost is shown when you click on "Buy Now". 

Local pickup: Pick up your beef pack at our ranch south of Tucumcari and save on shipping.  We also deliver every 3 - 4 weeks for free to Clovis, Portales and Tucumcari areas, and some times also to Santa Fe and Albuquerque and other areas of New Mexico.

Shipping outside of New Mexico:  When we receive your order we will figure the fastest ground shipping alternative for your location. If it turns out to be more than the generated shipping cost at check-out, we will contact you first, then send you a PayPal invoice with the added shipping cost. It may ship with UPS Ground, FedEx or US Postal Service.   More shipping information and a map.

For purchases of more than one Beef Pack with combined shipping or for custom packs: Send us an email with what you would like to order, and your zip code. We will send you a PayPal invoice for the total.

Summer-time shipments: During the hottest time of the summer, we may not be able to ship our frozen beef packs to far away destinations.  Please check with us before placing your order if you live far away from New Mexico. 


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