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Mimi and Tom Sidwell on the JX Ranch
Mimi and Tom Sidwell
JX Ranch Natural Beef
6237 Highway 209
Tucumcari, NM 88401
Phone: Cell 575-403-6904 Ranch 575-487-2419 (leave message)

 This approximately 7,000-acre ranch that the two of us own and operate, is part of who we are.   We love the land, and strive to take good care of it and its inhabitants, wild or domesticated.  We feel very privileged to be able to live on the land we love and we want to leave this land in better shape than we found it in.  We practice sustainable agriculture and manage the ranch holistically.  We are constantly working hard at improving the ecological condition of the ranch, by restoring the watershed and removing infestation of invasive species.  We are building electric fences to allow for better rotational grazing management, allowing for long periods of rest - 315 days per year - in each pasture, and short grazing durations, anywhere from 2 days to 12 days depending on the size and composition of each pasture.  This helps improve vegetative health and vigor.  A healthy vegetative cover will slow water run-off and allow the water to soak into the ground, rather than run off and create erosion.  We have installed several large water storage tanks and numerous water troughs as well as miles and miles of underground pipelines to better distribute the water availability, both for our cattle and for the wildlife. We do all the labor ourselves, and our summer "working cattle ranch" guests will sometimes lend a helping hand too! h

Birds eye view of JX Ranch.

Tom was born in south central New Mexico.  His father was an old time cowboy who worked on some large cattle outfits there. His family came to New Mexico in a covered wagon from Texas in the early 1890's, and homesteaded in the foothills of the Capitan Mountains.  Tom grew up on a ranch and learned cowboying from his dad.  He served in the United States Army  and when he came back he graduated from New Mexico State University with a degree in Range Management.  For many years, Tom worked as Manager of large ranches in Southwest Texas and in South Central New Mexico.   In 1980 he was introduced to Allan Savory's Holistic Resource Management principles, an intensive grazing  and planning process, which he successfully implemented on these ranches.  The intensive grazing planning process favors the vegetation, cattle and wildlife alike, and is part of our planning for this ranch in Northeastern New Mexico.

Mimi was born in Sweden, always loved animals and being around them.  She grew up horseback, while dreaming of being a cowboy and riding the wide open spaces of the West.  While living and working abroad in Switzerland, through her job she had opportunities to go on week-long camp-out rides in Arizona's Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly.  Right then she knew where her heart had belonged all along.  It was just a matter of time.  In 1988 the opportunity presented itself to move to the U.S.  It was not long before she found herself living on a ranch and learning everything from fixing windmills, fences and pipelines, to caring for and working cattle, while also helping and day-working on other ranches.  She attended cattle and ranch related seminars, joined cattle organizations, took classes and went to meetings, but it was the hands-on experience that taught her the most.  Mimi is living her dream, being around her beloved animals every day.

Wild Rio Grande Turkey getting a drink of water at a newly installed watering trough      We are seeing an increased number of Pranghorn on the ranch as our land is restored

Together we take pride in the work we do, and the many range improvements we have implemented on this ranch, which benefits not only our livestock, but ultimately also all the many wildlife that we share our lives with here.  We provide water where before there was none, and through our intensive grazing management, we increase the forage and cover for all species of wildlife.  We also allow the wildlife the "run of the ranch" as the cattle vacate each pasture for 105 days or more before re-grazing it for a short duration, usually a few days.  We take pleasure in watching new fawns, or wild turkey hens protectively guiding their little ones.  

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range stewardship awards

The Quivira Coalition's 2010
Outstanding Leadership
in the Radical Center Award

Society for Range Management
Excellence in Range Management Award 2008

Upper Hondo Soil & Water Conservation District
Outstanding Rancher 1991 & 1994

Goodyear/NACD Conservation Awards
Award of Merit
for Oustanding Accomplishments
in Resource Conservation 1991 & 1994

New Mexico Cattle Growers Association
Salt of the Earth Award 1993 & 1995
Those volunteers who donate their time,
 energy, expertise and resources are the SALT OF THE EARTH

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