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Custom Butcher - dry-aged 3 weeks
Whole, Half and Quarter
Beef Orders - everything included in the price Listed prices are effective with 2016 Spring Custom Butcher (sold out) and 2016 Fall Custom Butcher.
Please keep in mind these are estimated amounts of meat. It can vary from year to year and from one yearling beef to another. 
To order, please go to the Order Page

Estimate of total pounds
of meat you can receive

Total price
per pound of meat
you receive, including
dry-aging, butcher
and fall delivery
Your total estimated cost
Whole Beef  280 lb - 400 lb $8.00
$2,240 - $3,200
Side of Beef / Half a Beef 140 lb - 200 lb $8.25
$1,155 - $1,650
Quarter of Beef
(equal parts front
and hind quarter)
70 lb - 100 lb $8.50 $595 - $850
If need more time to pay, you will have the option of applying for PayPal's "Bill Me Later" - which gives you six months to pay with no interest if you qualify.        

Helpful Guide to Comparing Prices 
when buying whole, half or quarter of a custom cut beef

When comparing our prices to other producers, keep in mind that our prices are total and all inclusive.  In other words, you pay only for the meat you actually take home, and the price per pound is for the meat you receive. We pay the butcher and all other costs.

Our pricing vs. beef priced on the "live weight", or "on-the-hoof"  
If you compare us with a producer who is pricing their beef on the live weight or "on-the-hoof", keep in mind that you only get around 35 - 40% out of an animals live weight in take-home meat. Not all beeves are created equal, some will yield more and some less meat, so you never know how much meat you'll get or how much you ended up paying for it.  With us you pay based on what you actually receive.

Our pricing vs. beef priced on the 'carcass weight" or "hanging weight" 
 If you compare us with a producer who is pricing their beef on the carcass or hanging weight, which is the weight of the stripped carcass after butcher, hanging on the rail, figure your take-home meat is around 65% of the carcass weight.   Again, it is difficult to know just how much you paid when all is said and done and the meat is in your freezer.

Since this can be rather confusing to most customers, we opted to make it very straight forward and simple by pricing our meat so you know from the day you place your order exactly what you will be paying for your meat - no second-guessing or complicated calculations.


Beef Packs**
All cuts are dry-aged 3 weeks!
$35 Flat Rate shipping per beef pack for UPS Ground shipping within New Mexico and surrounding States. Additional shipping charge may apply elsewhere.
(available for shipping or pick up year-round)
To order, please go to Beef Packs page

Price Local Pick-up
incl. free delivery to
Shipping within
New Mexico
Shipping to 
Other States

Smokin' B.B.Q. Pack  $146

-  4 pkgs. Kabob meat, cubed, 1 lb pkgs
-  1 pkg Short-Ribs 
-  1 pkg Back Ribs
- 10 lb Extra-Lean Hamburger Meat 1 lb pkgs

Briskets in varying sizes, contact us to add to pack.


$146 $35 email for quote include zip code

Steaks 'n Burger Party Pack   $194
-   2  Tenderloin Steaks
-   2  Rib-Eye Steaks 
-   2  NY Strip Steaks
-   2  Top Sirloin Steaks
-   1 
lb. Kabob Meat 
- 10 lb Extra-Lean Hamburger Meat 
1 lb pkgs

$194 $35 email for quote include zip code

Cow Camp Cuisine    $189

-  2 Roasts 

-  2 lb. Stew Meat, cubed 1 lb. pkgs
-  6 Cube Steaks 
-  2 lb. Kabob Meat, cubed  
1 lb. pkgs
- 10 lb. Extra-Lean Hamburger Meat, 
1 lb pkgs

Includes  Quick ‘n Easy  Recipes for your
heart-warming family meals!


 $189 $35 email for quote include zip code

Southern Comfort Dinner Pack  $157
-  6 Cube Steaks  2/pkg
-  1 pkg. Short-Ribs
-  2 lb Stew Meat 
1 lb. pkgs
-  2 lb. Kabob Meat 
1 lb. pkgs
-  10 lb. Extra-Lean Hamburger Meat, 
1 lb pkgs
With mouth-watering recipes y’all !

 $157 $35 email for quote include zip code

Grillers' Pack  $141

-  1 Tenderloin Steak
-  1 Rib-Eye Steak
-  1 NY Strip Steak
-  1 Top Sirloin Steak
-  1 lb. Kabob Meat 
- 10 lb Extra-Lean Hamburger Meat 
1 lb pkgs



$141 $35 email for quote include zip code

Variety Sample Pack   $199

-  1 Rib-Eye Steak 
-  1 Top Sirloin Steak
-  1 Tenderloin Steak
-  1 N.Y. Strip Steak
-  1 Roast 

-  1 lb Stew Meat, cubed  

-  1 lb Kabob Meat, cubed

-  1 pkg Short-Ribs
-  2 Cube Steaks  
- 10 lb. Extra-Lean Hamburger Meat 
1 lb pkgs


$199 $35 email for quote include zip code

Family Budget Pack   $156
-  1 Roast 
-  4 Cube Steaks
-  2 lb. Stew Meat, cubed
-  2 lb. Kabob Meat, cubed
- 10 lb Extra-Lean Hamburger Meat 
1 lb pkgs


$156 $35 email for quote include zip code

10 lb Hamburger Pack
- 10 pkgs. Lean Hamburger Meat, 1 lb pkgs

$79 $35 email for quote include zip code

20 lb Hamburger Pack   
- 20 pkgs. Lean Hamburger Meat, 1 lb pkgs

$158 $35 email for quote include zip code

30 lb Hamburger Pack   
- 30 pkgs. Lean Hamburger Meat, 1 lb pkgs
With Free Hamburger Press !

$237 $35 email for quote include zip code

* Whole, Side and Quarter Custom Cut Beef Orders: We are taking orders now for October processing - ready  in November. This is our hugely popular Fall Beef Round-Up with Free Delivery. We meet our customers from the greater Albuquerque area in Edgewood, greater Santa Fe area at a meeting point south of Santa Fe, southern NM buyers as well as those from El Paso, TX, in Alamogordo and our northern customers in Las Vegas, NM. 

To simplify the payment process for our customers, we have combined the price on-the-hoof of the steer with our custom processor's charges into one total cost for you. There is no guessing on how much meat you will get or how much you will have paid for your beef when all is said and done.  With us, you will only pay for what you get for your freezer. It's that simple!

Don't miss out, get your name on the list - we're usually sold out by mid to late summer...

** Beef PacksIf you live in the Clovis, Portales or Tucumcari areas, let me know and I will bring your Beef Pack when I go - no delivery charge.  Email me with your order and pay when we meet. We  can also customize a Beef Pack for you, please contact us for pricing.  

JX Ranch Natural Beef  is from cattle that are born and raised on our ranch, have never received any antibiotics, growth-hormones, ionophores, animal by-products or insecticides.  Our native grass pastures are never fertilized or sprayed with pesticides. Our beef is entirely grass-fed on our native pastures, eating native grasses and plants. Their meat is therefore lean and heart healthy.  Our dry aged, lean natural beef will provide you, and your family, with clean, healthy and flavorful meat.   

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